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and offered our japanese friends whatever assistance is needed. >> the u.s. has been present in japan since 1945 when general mcarthur oversaw the occupation following world war ii. today, our military has over 35,000 troops stationed there. 15 american ships make up the u.s. relief efforts headed to the area this past week including a nuclear powered warship the uss ronald reagan. >> it is a supercarrier with capabilities like air lift which would allow cargo and people to move on and off the shift and medical facilities that equate to a full hospital onboard. other ships on their are way are stopping to singapore to unload relief supplies to get them to japan. we also have some 35,000 troops there and they could be mobilized as well. >>> survivors picking through the debris of what is left and it is as bad as anything i have seen. >> but amid the debris, some stories of hope. while soldiers were searching for victims in a badly damaged town along the northeast coast of japan they heard sounds of life. they found a 4 month old baby girl covered in mud. she mile after mile of death and dest
and i offered our japanese friend whatever assistance is needed. >> the u.s. has been present in japan since 1945 when general mcarthur oversaw the occupation following world war ii. today our military has over 35,000 troops stationed there. 15 american ships makeup the relief efforts headed to the area this past week, including a nuclear-powered warship, uss ronald reagan. it's a super carrier with all kinds of capabilities like air lift allowing cargo to move on and off the ship and a medical facility equating to a full hospital on board. other ships are stopping in sports like singapore to get them to the people of japan wex have some 38,000 troops on the ground there. they can be mobilized as well. >> picking through the dead is an apalling situation, bad as anything i've seen. >> but there are stories of hope. while solders were searching for victims in a badly damaged town along the northeast coast of japan they heard sounds of life. they found a 4-month-old baby girl covered in mud, cold and wet but otherwise fine. rescuers were able to lok indicate the father who was then reuni
for nato to take on the broader civilian protection mission, unrest lose 1973. >> sean: the u.s. will continue to lead the allied effort against gadhafi and the regime until transfer of power is complete. u.s. warplanes will continue strike missions. for the latest on the ground we go to steve harrigan live in tripoli. >> reporter: sean, for the sixth night in a row we've had more strikes and counterattacks. two loud explosions coming five hours ago. apparently, a military barracks east of tripoli was the target. anti-aircraft fire pup in the air, red tracer bullets filling the sky from mobile guns in the back of pick-up trucks in different parts around the city. a long shot for them to hit any of the jets in the sky. as far as the fighter jets, today a french jet knocked down the first libyan plane to try and violate that no-fly zone destroying that plane. finally, a battle is shaping up which will test these new rebel forces since they've gotten help from coalition airstrikes that battle is shaping up. rebel numbers are growing outside the city. they are armed large with rocke
. is a u.s. aircraft carrier in japan nearby there and another one the president saying earlier friday, is on the way. other countries are offering assistance as well. the rebuilding and recovery of japan is going to take a long, long time and going to require a lot of help from a lot of people. >> they're going to need resources when you talk about our military vessels. they have things like onboard hospitals, supplies and food. things that people are going to need. there are people that they're not going to be rescued right away. you've got to have ways to get them something. a lot of times they'll drop in supplies people need. hopefully goitsing to help people to have things like our military and un offering their resources as well to try to help people. now, you can't think about recoverry. you take a look at pictures you've got people that need to be rescued and haven't been found. they're unaccounted for. >> if you've been in front of a television set or computer screen, you've seen a lot of these pictures people shot on their cell phones, and that show the moment one -- when the
inserted 63 billion u.s. dollars into it. that means 400 billion u.s. dollars inserted into the markets since monday. whether that is sustainable or not is another matter. as you walk around tokyo, a city of 14 million normally jam-packed with people the streets are almost empty. shopping hours cut in half. i would say many of the stores into which we've ventured for food and water and the rest, 90% of the shelves are empty. they are having trouble getting things imported. today we are told they are going to get more food and water off ships coming into the ports to the south of us. they believe some of that will cure itself. for today there's concern not just up the coast but here in tokyo as well. >> sean: you answered the food question. there had been long lines for gas and limits on the amount you can buy. is that still going on? >> shepard: that's very much the case. many stations here even in tokyo are closed. bottled water difficult to get up the coast. there are many areas to which officials can't travel and journalists can't travel, unless you walk. there are many towns that ar
, it appears the worst may be over. the tsunami warning that has been in effect here along the western u.s. has been lifted. now this region is under a tsunami advisory. the bay area is in good shape. in san francisco we did see some title surging earlier today, nothing major. what a difference just 80 miles south where the tsunami slammed into the santa cruz harbor. no huge waves, buturç the surge flowed in and out 10 miles-an-hour, twice as fast as the colorado river moves through the grand canyon. it was a dramatic sight. the force of all that water sunk some boats, capsized others and sent a few out to sea. some of the older docks broke loose leaving the water q" with debri no question this is a multi-million dollar disaster. farther north near the oregon border where the waves reached eight feet in height. the topography left cities like crescent city especially vulnerable. that fishing town was slammed by a series of tsunamis. the first hit about 7:30 this morning. foretore the harbor apart --ag?z for the harbor apart. the docks are gone. officials were warning that a bigger surge could
when u.s. helicopters through through a cloud of radioactive dust. it sailors are being closely monitored. joining me with the latest are jay laar from the heartland institute and nuclear safety consultant margaret harding. jay, i'm looking at not only the contamination story of the uss reagan crewmembers. this is a race against time. japan's frantic efforts to avoid a meltdown. some day we were told not to breathe the air, scary. how realistic is this threat? >> sean, it is not at all realistic. i can tell you with the utmost confidence there will not be a health impact of anything that is going on at the fukushima power plant. a meltdown, people interpret it as disaster, explosion, destruction like an atomic bomb that is not true. a meltdown just means the cooling of the rods has failed. the temperature is higher than can be controlled in order to create the hot water that ultimately flashs to steam and turns a turbine. they immediately install rods to bring the radioactive decay down to subcritical but they have leftover heat and residual radiation that has to be brought unde
is the u.s. on the sidelines? >> don't tell me we can't do a no-fly zone over tripoli. >> sean: john edwards may be indicted soon. we are on the road to 2012, hannity starts right here, right now. tonight president obama's views on the tea party in america has been exposed.ç stunning excerpts from a new book reveal the president's belief that racism was in fact a deep seated motivation of the movement. the absurd assessment can be found in family of freedom, presidents and african-americans in the white house. according to the book at a private white house dinner in may of 2010 the president explained that race was wobbly a key component in the rising opposition to his presidency from conservatives, especially right wing activists in the tea party movement. rather than dispute that notion, president obama agreed and reportedly called racism the subterranean agenda of the movement. without a shred of evidence the president has no problem labeling the tea party as racist. in recent years he's been quick to if forgive racially insensitive remarks made by some on the left. remember whe
. this compound has been the strike of several missile attacks recently. u.s. officials saying there is no plan to target qadhafi directly. the first snag in the no-fly zone a u.s. f-15 went down outside of benghazi the recollection stronghold in eastern libya. both pilots were able to safely eject. one was rescued immediately by coalition forces the other was helped by local libyans loyal to the rebels. both of those soldiers out of the country with minor injuries. there is a heavy balance shaping up around misrata, 125 miles from here. government forces are dug in, attack civilians, according to the admiral in charge of the operation who says all options are on the table for them as far as the rebels go you can hear them shout allahu akbar on the tape. one thing we know it has been a hotbed of unrest and many are used to send anti-western fighters to iraq and afghanistan. >> sean: thanks steve. as attacks rage on some are beginning to ask who are the rib libyan rebels america is supporting? the anti-qadhafi rebels have direct ties to al-qaeda. andy mccarthy at national review on sign cites a
saids i the u.s. objective is that gadhafi has to go. that's the logical objective. as long as he's in power you have a threat to the population. you are going to have divided country. ongoing civil war. what are we going to do stay for 12 years protecting the population as we did in iraq after the first gulf war? that is the reasonable objective. the problem is this, because he wanted the cover of so-called international legitimacy he had to get a u.n. resolution that was watered down. that only authorizes protection of the population. it is not about ejecting or destroying the gadhafi regime. so he is now constrained by what the u.n. allows him to do. even though it is in our national interest to try to get rid of gadhafi one way or >> sean: you talk about inteatiornl legitimacy. humanitarian crisis which provoked the u.n. action by the way was two china eon y mentioned, i would argue russia. we can down the list of countries that could useur assistance based onthat definition. why involve ourselves own here? >> look, the weakest of all the links is turkey. which is a meermb of
as possible. to avoid from a u.s. perspective to an individual making broad policy proclamations about nuclear energy. that's one of my fears i see happening now. >> sean: i would agree. tyson, if you look at nuclear energy used in europe and france and germany and the united states, and japan, this is a 40-year-old reactor in this case. it was built to withstand an 8.2 quake. this is a 9.0. the tsunami was the bigger rtf e obm. ulyoaghis is n the time to beebin i safety considering its track record has been good, considering in spite of how saro ts hasee se. erack ror hbe gd aton'ean w oun' uny mu tt t is nsfmiio omeca tinshaliin os oxittohe04 orang reactors that we have, are absolutely safe. >> sean: absolutely. >> we need congressional hearings to make sure some of the issues that have come up in the japan situation, aren't going to come up here. i think the american public has that right. >> sean: i totally agree with you. as "the new york times" is reporting too, there were problems in a ge engineer employee did not like the design going back nearly 40 years ago. quit over it. obviously,
, however they can to solve this problem. to get it resolved as soon as possible. to avoid from a u.s. perspective to an individual making broad policy proclamations about nuclear energy. >> sean: i would agree. tyson, if you look at nuclear energy used in europe and france and germany and the united states, and japan, this is a 40-year-old reactor in this case. it was built to withstand an 8.2 quake. this is a 9.0. the tsunami was the bigger part of the problem. would you agree this is not the time to be debating its safety considering its track record has been good, considering in spite of how disastrous this has been? >> sure. the track record has been good that doesn't mean we shouldn't have a prudent debate in this country to make sure that the tens of millions of american citizens that live in close proximity to the 104 operating reactors that we have,y. need cl hearings to make sure some of the issues that have come up in the japan situation, aren't going to come up here. i think the american public has that right. >> sean: i totally agree with you. as "the new york times" is r
to his claim the u.s. will take a backseat in libya now nato has taken over. according to the ap: >> sean: joining me with more in studio is mark steyn. how are you? >> great to be with you. >> sean: the president has argued our interests and values cannot be separated. this caused what happened in libya? >> this has nothing to do with president obama. even this administration cannot be so narcissistic. this is in fact the post american middle east we are seeing in the formation here. when people -- he sat on the sidelines in the egyptian revolution. obama sometimes he said mubarak should stay, he should go. >> sean: supported them, neutral, opposed. >> he took every position. the guys in the street in tahrir square despiseed obama for that. in iran he took the side of the thugs of the mullahs and their henchmen. in libya these people have put up with this whacky, psychotic transvestite for 40 years and they are sick of him. >> sean: i didn't hear the mad dog referred to as the mad transvestite. what do you think the psychology is? i study obama and i have my own theory. i think there's a
detected in the air fill system and luggage, it was also detected on passengers. u.s. customs officials are denying that. dhs has started screening passengers and cargo coming into l.a.x. from japan. as the golden state braces for a potentially dangerous radioactive plume coming from japan. the united states projects the plume will drift across the pacific hitting the aleutian islands first then southern california, late tomorrow. joining me on this and more is shepard smith. shep, every 24 hours there there's a lot of news developing. of course the fear this worst-case scenario about the reactors is the latest? >> shepard: the latest is me may be close to a fix at least they hope so. been working on this powerline. it amounts to a 6/10 of a mile line extension cord, if you will. from the main grid to the reactor number 2 at the fukushima nuclear plant. the hope is they will get that back online. they've been telling us the last hour they are hoping to have it done within the next couple of hours that would allow them to put water automatically on to the rods the nuclear fuel rods so pe
in libya is something that has got to end. >> it is time for gadhafi to go. >> it is u.s. policy that gadhafi needs to go. >> in is not about going after gadhafi himself. >> what is in our interests is working with the international community to stop an urgent humanitarian crisis. then working over time through a set of pressure tools with a coalition to increasingly isolate and put pressure on gadhafi. sean the author of "the new york times" best seller, courage and cons -- and consequence. karl rove. he can make a decision. >> incoherent. >> sean: get gadhafi, no. u.s. policy to go after gadhafi. it is not our policy to go after gadhafi. now the president says we are out in a week. >> right. this has been incoherent what is gravely dangerous is, if the president of the united states said as he said february 28th, repeated on the 3rd of march, that muammar gadhafi has to go and he does not. the prestige of the united states will be injured. our allies will be discombobulated and our adversaries will be energized. the president has mishandled this. i think they did the right thin
gates said the attack is not of vital interests to u.s.. >> the way you have to look at this attack is, it is one more thing that obama is on the hook for. colin powell said you break it, you own it in cautioning. >> president bush about going too iraq. think about the things obama is on the hook for. if oil price go up, anti-oil drilling. terror attack weakness in terms of the terror policies. if egypt blows up and becomes a muslim brotherhood state, the fact that he encouraged that rebellion. if libya resorts to ongoing violence he's on the hook for that. of course for the economy. you just have -- you have so many outcomes that can undo him. i believe he's taken the first step into quicksand. when you back -- when you say your rational is you are going to protect civilians. was if we get rid of gadhafi and his henchmen are just as deeply embedded at the baathist were in iraq they go underground the united states is not going to send ground troops in? we are not going to get involved? not another iraq. >> sean: i love your perspective, you are right. he's on the hook for all of these
as well, sean. u.s. -- uss george washington aircraft carrier, second ship destroyer left earlier than expected from a port south of tokyo. the word according to the u.s. navy they are trying to improve the red -- readiness of the . 9 back story with fox news is coming up with -- the back story with fox news is coming up with concerns about radiation is wanting the u.s. military to put their ships a little out to sea. as we know, humanitarian challenge following the quake and tsunami continues. monday new figures, the death toll is higher than we've been reporting, around 18,000. price tag for all this? 235 billion dollars. breaking news again from that troubled nuclear complex. >> sean: sad in many respects. joining me with more on the major international crisis facing the president in japan and libya, nationally syndicated fox news contributor, monica crowley. republican strategist, he lease jordan are with us. -- elise jordan are with us. the thing that stands out is how passive and disengaged this president is. >> i agree. when the japan crisis happened he did a lot of key battle g
escalates, qadhafi vows to fight to the bitter end and threatens the u.s. to stay out. hannity starts right here, right now. tonight governor kasich's budget bill cleared a major hurdle today. ohio state senate passed the bill by 17-16. this week we've seen massive protests again the bill. -- against the bill. ohio's bill goes further than the measure pushed by governor walker in wisconsin. the ohio bill bans strikes by employees. the bill also does away with unions, collective bargaining rights on health care, sick time and pension. ohio's unions are out of luck unlike in wisconsin the state's democratic lawmakers aren't hiding out. the bill heads to the republican controlled house then to governor kasich for his signature. joining me with reaction to the mayhem in ohio are a republican senator and a democrat gentlemen, welcome. you are the democrat here, your complaint is, this is a collective bargaining repeal. that's your biggest complaint? >> that's true. the way that collective bargaining is set up for public employees is unfair. they've moved from the final arbitrator, the final pers
and high oil prices. we have a president who is anti-u.s. oil. we have all these contributing factors to a perfect storm where the last thing we need is someone like a michael moore trying to ratchet up the rhetoric and panic in the electorate. >> sean: the idea that he didn't use union employees in his film is ironic, considering he's going to start a war and he went further last night by suggesting that this is a war leveled against working people in the country. and they got to stand up. why didn't anybody stand up to him? as you know, npr gets funding. when the republicans now pro proposing we got to look at everything to close the budget gap. another 1.6 trillion in new deficit. npr is on the table. national endowment for the humanities and arts. we hear this npr executive caught on tape this is what he had to say about the tea party movement. >> sean: here's npr meeting with people he thought was from the muslim brotherhood saying this about the tea party. what was your reaction? >> i think it is revealing watch the agenda there has been all these years. refriendshipping to see
by the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives resulted in 1700 smuggled weapon going from the u.s. to mexico officials believe they may be connected to the deaths of two americans. president obama recently denied prior knowledge of the operation. much less, granting its authorization. >> the president: there may be a situation here in which a serious mistake was made. if that's the case we'll find out and we'll hold somebody accountable. >> sean: congressional investigators are demanding answers and gave today as the deadline in which the department of justice must deliver them. a new covert investigation has exposed a mammogram sham at planned parent hood that may be responsible for cheating taxpayers out of millions. calls to 27 states revealed the organization does not provide the breast cancer prevention service as the ceo richards recently claimed. using it as one of the main defense as to why planned parent hood should keep receiving subsidies. does that mean the federal funding plug should be pulled? the author of "the new york times" best seller, michelle malkin is back. >
the government. they took advantage because no one was watching them. we set up a website called renttalk .u.s.. >> sean: the deficit? >> too damn high. >> sean: how are you going to lower the deficit? >> by telling the people we are going to pardon all debt american citizens of all debt. >> sean: what? >> because of what we did with the bailouts. >> sean: what about people like me that don't have debt? >> then it doesn't concern you. the american government people the people in this hole they are in. >> sean: if you win the election the day you are inaugurated, i'm going to accumulate a ton of debt. >> if you have a debt, your debt would be pardoned. the government put the people in this debt we are in. someone has to step up and do the right thing for the people. we owe this to the people. rent and the deficit is too damn high and hannity is too damn smart. >> sean: did you vote for obama? >> yes. >> sean: you regret it? >> no. >> sean: you want to beat 'em. >> i'm going to whip him. i put him in the white house to do a job and he didn't. i put him in there to feed my children and he let dad
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)